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What Inspires Us Drives Us Forward

Life is a series of twists and turns. We transition through different seasons. We navigate through uncertain times. Journeying from our childhood days to adulthood, powerful learning takeaways emerge and become foundational to evolving our hearts and minds. The stories handed down to us helped build our character and shape our culture. Today’s shared stories will be woven into the fabrics of generations to come.

We can all benefit from leaning into the life-living experiences and stories of the past. Reflecting on our personal stories provides the opportunity to pause and take stock of our lives. Where have we been and where are we going? What story creation is underway? There is such power in storytelling.

There is even more power in story sharing.

Out of the Gate: What Inspires Us Drives Us Forward is a compilation of stories rooted in the blended life of faith, family and friends. Kentucky author, Henrietta Pepper, shares her relatable stories which readers can absorb and embrace through their own personal lens.

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Stay the Course

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Rise Above It

My Grandmother "Retta" expressed this mantra throughout my childhood, and it still lives on in our family’s vernacular today. It actually is at the core of my inspiration for writing this book.
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Henrietta Pepper

Powerful Stories of Faith, Family and Friends

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Henrietta Pepper has built a successful career in marketing and advertising spanning more than three decades, including owning and operating a successful brand communications firm, the pepper group, ltd. for 14 years. After selling that firm in 2018, she founded GCJ Consultants and serves as Chief Strategist for the firm today. Henrietta has authored her first book Out of the Gate: What inspires us drives us forward, a compilation of powerful stories rooted in faith family and friends.

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